Monday, March 17, 2014

The mic is open again


Nancy drops by for a conversation. First time I’ve seen her since the move to Harlem. Which means there’s a lot to talk about. But before we can get really into that, Rachel appears and the long anticipated explosion takes place. She has realized that her stuff is gone and she’s gone over the edge.

I try to explain that it wan’t my choice or action. That I have no idea where her things are. That the exterminator people demanded that it all be gone before they would come back. That our original agreement was her one cart to be gone through within 48 hours and most important items transferred to bags so that she could get housing.And that was three months ago.  And that instead she kept multiplying her carts and that they had become a virtual Club Med for mice. But it’s not like she’s going to understand that. For her it’s like her raison d’etre has been taken away . She accuses me of being a liar when I say I don’t know what happened. The she turns on Danielle saying that everything was  fine until she returned. She’s getting louder and more emotional, demanding financial recompense, reparations, etc. until Danielle locks the front door and then she goes to the 86th street door and the yelling continues. If past patterns continue, she’ll have an equal volume of carts and stuff within 24 hours. But it won’t be here.

It’s been almost too long since our last open mic.  But we’re back anyways. And even with a skeleton crew of regulars, the usual surprises happen. Josh and Rose from Columbia charm us with a set and are invited back for a second.
Rose and Josh

And then the evening’s crowning moment,  Scott Donaldson arrives.
Scott Donaldson
( Even though Scott says that following us is like following Hendrix at Woodstock, he’s clearly the cream. He’s a Scot who’s based in London and in town to do some recoding with the city’s best studio musicians. And he shares with us hi latest. That’s why we keep doing this.

At the end of the night, we’ll all regather at the Gate. Could listen to Donal's all night long.

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