Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wild birds and squatters


Day begins  with coffee and John H  and a new project he’s working on, the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space (MoRUS) on the Lower East Side seeking to do documentation, archiving and preservation of the Squatter movement as well as reviving the community gardens, outreach to public housing residents and organizing the still existent squats.

Stephen and Cara come in. It’s been a busy morning. To SPSA to sign up for services at WSCAH, full bags of food, then breakfast at the old school diner on Columbus the  a visit to the Wild Bird Center further up. There’s an interesting collection of places on the same block of Columbus: Animal General, the Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine and the Wild Bird Fund Center. On either side of the street between 87th and 88th. (West-Park had been a pigeon squat for three years...)

I learned about the Wild Bird Center from Rachel’s daughter Nadia. Not only birds, but all kinds of animals who need a little rehab and TLC. Nadia volunteers there and frequently foster parents birds and others until they’re ready to be on their own again. Sounded like just the right thing for Cara, with all her feathers. She loved it. They have a great community of volunteers....artists musicians, others...who connect with each other as well as the birds. Hopefully a good volunteer opportunity will emerge from this. (Stephen’s focused help much appreciated here...)

Stephen  also fills me in on the successful performance Martin put on for the Public. And the party that followed. While I was packing. Sigh. A lot of projects bubbling up right now.

I go out for awhile and when I return RL and Poet Tim have come in and RL is for some unaccountable reason talking as if he had a puppet on his hand. 

I’m on conference calls with my Presbyterian Health Education and Welfare Association (PHEWA) board friends and people keep wanting to come in and talk. Not now, Rudolfo. Not now. 

Catch Martin in the fly as I’m off to the village and a Presbytery Social Witness Council (CWSW) meeting. 


  1. i would have liked to have seen martine's show--makes me feel very unwelcome to be exluded so often--thanks steve for the deception.

  2. Was not a public show but a backer's audition for the Public Theatre....closed shop... not even me...Stephen did support work for it...if we ever get a public performance from Martin, you'll be the first to know...