Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The piano is in the chapel...the prophet left his hat behind


the prophet's hat

The big move of the day is the piano. The piano that came from Andrea’s family home in Freeport, Long Island to our apartment on the Upper West Side. The piano all our children took lessons on. Where Micah composed music. It seemed headed for a piano graveyard. Andrea wished she could have had a picture of Micah playing it. After Piano Dan checked it out, we called Beethoven, but they weren’t interested.

So I reached out to the kids‘ former teacher, Javier. Now head of his own New York Jazz academy. Finally said he’d found a home for it. At his academy. At SPSA.  Today is moving day.

He meets me at our apartment. But when he sees the piano, it appears there’s been soem miscommunication. He thought it was the painted piano from Make Music New York he’d donated to West-Park in hopes of bringing some NYJA action down this way.  That explain s why he was surprised to come to our apartment, not the church.  Now we need some fast thinking.

Javier swings a deal with the movers. The family piano goes to West-Park. The painted piano to SPSA. While thos processes taking place, I introduce Javier to Stephen. And to Martin. Before its over,Javier is giving Stephen important information regarding online printing services. I’m sad to see the piano leave the house. But glad it’s now in the West-Park chapel. Though Danielle wonders how long that will last. 

Bread & Puppet comes into have another look around. Still planning on hosting their 50th anniversary this fall. 

A one o’clock conference call on progress leaves us all depressed. Road blocks. Unimagined issues. By the time its over, I feel I’m in quicksand. And moving in slow motion.

Rachelle has come in to sort, but is completely dispirited. Her cart was overturned. Well,actually she ran off the sidewalk. She blames it on Anna but clearly that was not the case. She goes in  to the sanctuary. Falls asleep.

Geoffrey, the prophet, has come in. Sits quietly on a back pew. Then enters my office. Good afternoon, sir. He says. Might I be able to have paper and a writing implement? I quickly get him both. He says, Godsend. Then, this is help. And he goes off. Later, while I am talking with Stephen, he comes back in. Returns the pen. Amen, he says. Would love to see what he wrote.

I wake Rachelle,tell her its time to go. A short while later, she’s back in telling me a very drunk woman was peeing on the door and your renter wouldn’t help and a  very kind gentleman had to help me.  I’m tired. 

When I check outside. She’s still there. Completely dispirited over her turned over cart, though I can’t tell the difference. It’s all out of order. All my work to no avail. What can I do? Starts in on Anna again. But the story eventually involve landlords, neighbors, city council candidates. It’s just not right. Something must be done. What am I gong to do? I resist seeing her turned over cart as a metaphor. 
i try to talk to myself as if I were one of my clients. You just have to keep on going, she says,
I see Martin. Go over to talk to him. Tell him  he’s got to keep thinking....

The piano is in the chapel. 

And the prophet left his hat behind. 


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