Saturday, April 6, 2013

Not easy


Take a break from the deconstruction of our family home to come to the church for the Center board meeting.

Much to talk about. Status of negotiations. A plan to fully differentiate the Center from the church as well as the interrelationship. The need to develop a year’s worth of program events. There’s a sense that we might actually be nearing a base of stability from which we can build a future. For the first time in a long time, there’s a sense of energy, excitement.

During the meeting, martin comes in. Tells me he’s spent the day with people from the Public. Tonight he’s showcasing his work in progress, a flamenco version of Antigone. He showed them the balcony theatre. They were surprised to learn that it was created by their founder Joe Papp. He show the them the history online. ( They ask who’s using the theatre now.   

After the meeting, we talk about my moving. Even though it’s part of a strategic plan, even though there’s no other way, even though.....still.....this for my kids, for me, has been home and will be no more. Not easy.

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