Tuesday, April 30, 2013



Anna’s on the sidewalk with puppy as I approach the 86th street door. Talking with a woman at the bus stop. 
Anna, what’s up?
I’m just helping this woman. Telling her where she can get some services. Oh and I’ve got something for you....a whole bag of paper and other decorative items to dress up our advertising boards.
Thank you  Anna, as I enter. 

Lee Breuer

Stephen’s all excited to tell me about his afternoon with Lee Breuer and his rehearsal. Lee’s long known for his years with Mabou Mines Theatre Company, La Mama and his Gospel at Colonnus gospel music retelling of Oedipus. (I’d seen it in revival  the old Apollo on 125th a few years back...) He’s got a new project in development. Called in his collaborators from the west coast, the south, all over. Stephen says the music was off the charts. And Lee wants to come back again in  August. (

Martin and I trying to figure out if we have one more play to make. He’s got meetings. Then to Lee’s reading in Brooklyn. 

Cara helping clean up from the weekend before making a Brooklyn trip with Stephen.

                                                                 Harvey, the movie

I go off with Poet Tim and Mandola Joe and Katie to join in RL’s carefully choreographed welcome home for his wife Jean, better known as Harvey, after the rabbit, ( whose been sprung from the Big House, ie, Kateri Residence, for the first time in six months.  

When I get back, Dorothy and Ralph from the contemporary string quartet Ethel are here to meet with Ted and Mim and Danielle to discuss their group’s wanting to use the space, become part of the family.(

While I’m talking with them, Jessica arrives to help me talk through an issue with one of our people. We realize we’re not helping. He’s going to have to go, but he’s so far resisted any efforts at getting services that require an eval.  I go up and he’s not there, just three TV’s going on, one just static.

Jessica and I review the whole history of our experience with Occupy. The mental health war zone that came along with it. We talk about who made it safely out. And who didn’t. Who’s safe at home. Who’s recovered. And who just disappeared. Those heady days when whatever you dreamed of seemed possible. The time of hyper real presence at West-Park and how it consumed me and breathed new life into us all. Only last year. But seems longer. Jessica giving herself time to recover and redirect.

This is hard for me. I just don’t want to put him out on the street. I’ve got to be straight with him. Tell him I need a solution that I feel good about and that’s good for him. And I need his help to do that. And if he says  no, what then?

My friend John G. stops by to pick up tickets for tonight’s Yankee game. Not even enough time to talk church politics.  Or even gossip.

The Center Board is here for updating. Lots to be excited about programming wise. Lots to be discouraged about negotiations wise. Jamie joins us by conference and there’s no good late breaking news on that front. We  need to get moving on  the strategic planning and the Center can’t move forward until the church has gotten clear. And as always, just so much hanging in limbo. 

A woman comes in looking for a flamenco class but the 7:30’s been canceled as Soli tries to figure out what’s up with her knee. 

See Jane on 86th.
How are you feeling?
Shrug. OK
You're body language says something different. So hard to live with so many things in limbo. 
Out on that tightrope without any net.
God is the net.

It’s late as I’m finishing and Jay just looks in to see what’s going on. It’s just me. His plans for school in Colorado moving forward. 

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