Wednesday, April 24, 2013




Anna arrives early with full reports of everyone’s activities the night before and recommendations of what they might need. The Mexican couple seems nice and Keith claims to be an ex-Marine. (Jay  could figure the truth of that out real quick...) She’s also carrying  a device that keeps her laptop from overheating. Again ,her knowledge and resources amazing.

Rachelle looks in, swathed in her layers of black, sees Anna and goes back out. As Stephen  is now that man, Anna is now that woman

Martin and I do a daily check-in. I’ve got an agenda for him. 

Angelo comes at his appointed time. Martin here to be my translator, just in case. And to also help get across the vision and mission of West-Park. We know he’s painted the welcoming virgin of Guadeloupe at Heidi’s Trinity Lutheran at 100th. He’s got a great permanent exhibition down the street at SPSA. Good auctions at their opening as well.Although he had not remembered before, being here awakens in him the memory of his exhibition here around 9-10 years ago. he remembers el reverendo brasiliero, namely Regi, who created that cutting edge concert series with El Taller.  

I want him to feel the spirit of this place. He has many stories he wants us to hear. Covers a lot of ground. Crosses many boundaries. I promise to come see his work. 

His special mementos are his angelitos. Hand painted on tile, they are simple. Naif is the PC way to describe his work. There are four colors, each symbolic:  white, purity, purple, wisdom and sprituality; yellow, power; red, energy and strength. They are talisman, with spiritual energy for everyone he encounters..He has now given away over 95000 angelitos. I will go Friday to look at his work. He is a truly one of s kind.   ( Cara playing piano. Angelo stops and gives her an angelito. He’s got one for Stephen as well before he heads out to  check out prices for various print jobs. 

I run off for an appointment. When I return, Martin and Stephen are in the chapel. Martin and I still looking for the answer we haven’t found yet. 

Rachelle is methodically sorting through her cartload of things..I give Danielle an angelito. RL drops by. We tell him about Angelo and the angelitos. he notices a Mayan symbol for the creator on every angelito. Plans for Harvey's return home are progressing.  I’m waiting for Jamie to go over where we stand in negotiations. She’s already at the B. There will be an angelito for Jamie as well. Still ahead meeting Nate and Andrea to see the Knicks and Celtics then back to finish the day.      

I chose yellow. Power. 

All these angelitos floating around can only help.