Saturday, April 27, 2013

Art,911 and Korean tacos


Stephen catches me up on his latest work preparing promotional material for our upcoming events.

Martin and I talk once again looking for the elusive solution...

I know that Angelo is waiting for me to look at his art work, but first I have to stop at the bank and pick up some cash. On Broadway, I see Geoffrey, the Prophet. I say, Geoffrey, you left your hat at the church. He says Thank you sir, I know. I will go and get it...

When I get to Angelo’s place, it’s another of those moments. I thought I was going to look at his artwork. When I arrive, he’s got a lobby full of art waiting to go to the church. My Spanish fails me as I try to explain the misunderstanding. I tell him I’ll do my best to get some transportation. 

Cab back to the church. No one with a vehicle is available. Now everything else that was needing to get done set aside. I go to talk with Martin and Stephen. Want Martin to call and explain the situation. Tell him we have to have a plan. We call and there’s no answer. Clearly he’s still on the street waiting. Danielle comes in to tell me Nancy’s here to talk about real estate. Oh man...

I am trying to explain the situation to Nancy when RL walks in. Thanks me about my post on Lord Buckley. And Nancy says, ....the Nazz......Definitely a back story there. Nancy hears me out about Angelo and asks if I want her to come along. Well,uh, sure... So we cab to Angelo’s. 

And he is still there on the street, waiting. We struggle in our various languages, English, Spanish, French. Nancy looks at Angelo’s art and is blown away. The religious art work, the story of Don Quixote, faux Inca, surrealismo... This is classic naif genre, she says. And looking at what he’s done with found objects, and even outsider art.... I’ll tell you what, for a piece of art, I’ll get the van....

And while she hooks up the van, passers by continue to stop and engage Angelo in conversation, taking photographs of him and his art. We see the tree he has decorated. And his 9-11 commemoration. And to every passer by he gives an angelito.
Angelo's 9-11 tribute on 106th St.

Finally the van comes and we head back to the church. I call Stephen and he’s there when we arrive to help unload all the art. Danielle sees it coming in and shakes her head. Martin, too. We put it all in the old medical room to keep it safe. Stephen’s head already spinning as to how to publicize and build on Angelo’s gift. 

While we’re upstairs, a commotion has broken out downstairs. I’m informed the police  are there. And sure enough, a conflict has broken out between two of my people. And 911 has been called. The police are there. They have separated the two people. Different officers are interviewing them both. And a third interviews me. Shortly the chief arrives. Usually we get along and he is supportive, but he’s giving me this You again, I’m tired of this attitude. And I want to say, Dude, if that’s what you feel, how do you think I feel?

Slowly it quiets down. We keep telling one of the characters to leave but she wants to exonerate herself and keeps talking, upping the ante. When the mental health van arrives, she finally leaves. Which is too bad. But I also recall how easy it is to get out of mental illness detention. The system? Sucks.

I sit and talk with the other party. Just listening. The Boston attack has had its collateral effects. So I listen. And listen. 

I’ve had enough. I head to the Gate for mac ‘n’ cheese and Knicks-Celtics. The problem is, when you really relate to mentally ill people, you see the world through their eyes and the have to pull your self back. It’s exhausting. (Knicks up 3-0. Bring out the brooms.)

Back at the church, Stephen and Cara are headed out to eat. At the corner we see Rachelle with her SUV cart. And my heart sinks. How do I deal with this? It’s a cart filled with random trash and out of  date food. But it’s her life. Her mission. To confront her with reality would destroy her. Yet Capital Hall staff has been instructed to turn her away if she shows up with her cart. And she’s now facing eviction in housing court on Tuesday. If you’re evicted from Capital Hall, that’s it. Next stop, the street. 

Korean tacos at Oaxaca. Reminds me of Seattle. The spices dance on your tongue.

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