Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mexican connections


And when I hurt,
Hurtin' runs off my shoulders

Sweet Caroline, Neil Diamond

                     * * * *

I tell Stephen about my shock arriving at Yankee Stadium last night and seeing the Red Sox and Yankee logos on either side of United We Stand. Never thought I’d live to see that. And around the third inning they played the Fenway favorite, Sweet Caroline. It’s all a shock to the system. I actually look forward to hearing the fans  chant Red Sox suck again. It will mean we’re back to normal. Whatever that is, these days.

Stephen briefing me on developments in the upcoming Pantha du Prince concert. Continuing to get bigger. They are now looking for 3 days load in, the concert, and two days load out. A large set will be constructed. There will be projections. And the concert is technically sold out. Martin joins us to talk about negotiating the final contract. We want to do this right. 

I get back from my visit with Jack. He lives at the Aurora, run by the Actors’ Fund. You have to be connected to the theatre in one way or another to live there. And many residents are living with AIDS. I told Jack about Dzieci. He’d love to see them. On the way out, I stop to see Chris, the program director, to talk about the possibility of Dzieci doing something there. He’s open.

I go upstairs to talk to the Frog & Peach troupe. Tell the new company members why I'm glad to see them. And tell them the story of F&P and the balcony theatre. 

Marty is out there in his own world today. Nonresponsive.
Chris still pacing the balcony. 

Rene comes in. From Mexico. Getting ready to marry a Jewish woman who’s a diplomat in Haiti. I share my own interfaith experience. My work in Mexico. My Mexican brother-in-law. And speak of my Catholic priest friend in Tulsa who spoke to me about God’s greater unity when I told him I was marrying a Jewish woman. 

Ready to head home. Martin’s done for the night, too. Stop and talk with him and Marina. Turns out she’s from the Bay Area. Mexican family  roots. Why she’s into flamenco. And as we head to the subway she says, And Irish too...that’s where this comes from, her red hair. 

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