Saturday, November 3, 2012

Yes it does mean having to say you're sorry


Early in the day, Teddy asks if he can bring Sean inside. Help him clean up. Get him some food. Yes, yes, of course....

Steven comes in he’s still working on the  advertising for  the upcoming Catherine Feeny concert. It’s hard having to do it on a Ipad and not a laptop. He may be heading to Pennsylvania for the final push before Tuesday’s election.

Ramon is in the sanctuary playing the piano. If he plays Theme from Love Story one more time, I will scream. He switches to classical. Played methodically, working his way through the same runs over and over again. Danielle is too young to remember Love Story and is googling it. It’s about love means never having to say you’re sorry, I say. She squints her eyes. Yeah, I say. And then, the only thing worse than sappy pop music is classical music badly played. Unkind, that. 

I’m losing my patience. getting annoyed. The clock is ticking relentlessly. There’s a service to get out. Martin has come and gone, still no progress on the contract. Although, God knows, Nayelli is in crisis. Dozens of phone calls, no progress on the boiler. There are demands for financial reports. I’m trying to figure out if I’m hosting a singer-songwriter from Seattle Saturday night. There’s no message room left on Jim W’s phone and I don’t know if he’s safe. And underneath it all, trying to get a grip on how we’re going to respond to the hurricane disaster.  The music is pushing me over the edge. 

Ramon wants to talk. Wants to remove the front rows of pews so that people can see the legs and feet of the dancers in his production. For his gift to the church. I tell him that I’d have to look into that.  Then he says, so I will have to prepare a proposal for Jane.... I hold my temper, say, No, Jane is not the church, some way or another it has to come to us.  He realizes what’s going on, Oh but I would like to perform for the other service as well... I try not to react to the phrase, the other service.  Realize that I’ve got to watch it. Envy, covetousness. Not cool.  He's only trying to do something nice for a community that is becoming important to him. 

John H comes in just to see how we're doing. Bring us a word of cheer. Looking at everything we've got to do for the Center, he says, We've got to have a proper meeting soon. 

Karen has taken over the piano. Her original late soul music is a welcome relief.  

I believe that none of us knows just how bad it is out there. Just how much damage has been done. 

Yes, it does mean having to say you’re sorry. Over and over and over  again. 

Need to go check in on Rachel. 

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