Friday, November 16, 2012

His father is awesome


Danielle’s husband Nate is working as a teaching assistant at PS9  which gives him time to stop by for lunch on his way home. Makes me feel good to see him there.

Stopping for my coffee at Barney Greengrass, the counter guy says, You’re the priest right? 
Yes, I’m the minister. 
So, you allowed to marry? Yes, I’ve got three boys. 
Ours can’t.... You know my dad was a priest before he married my mom. 
Cool. What’s he do now?
Runs a program for guys coming out of prison. Guys who want to get their lives back together. 
That’s pretty great.
Yeah, my dad’s pretty awesome. I  love the guy. He really believes in justice. Walks the walk, y'know?
Thanks for telling me about him.
Have a good afternoon,OK?
Something about how he felt about his father, a brief story of  a man I don't know, makes my day. 

Back at the church, someone wants to talk to me. Looks vaguely familiar.
Remember me from the memorial service? OK, so that’s why he’s familiar. But I feel like I saw him before. 
It was so beautiful, all those people from South Africa. I’m feeling more like maybe he just walked in. I love peace, i love people getting together. Muslims, Christians, Jews...all the same right? Not right some people treat the Muslims, talk about the Muslims. We all got to get along together. I’m starting to feel where this going to wind up.
So listen, I hate to do this, I don’t normally do this...but I need to get a Metro card. Need to get home. I now you guys don’t do this...but...
I go back to Barney’s, got change for a 10. Give him 5. OK, that’s good for two rides....
Thank you, thank you...
We shake hands...he’s on his way....

The St. Agnes boys are giving the sanctuary a thorough sweeping in advance of tomorrow night's concert. 

And I’m on my way too....

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