Saturday, November 24, 2012

He was right


Although there continues to be an underlying feeling of dread, I go to work with the abiding feeling that all will be all right by the end of the day. Maybe it was Marty, I don’t know. Spend the morning working on emails and communications to craft a solution. Head to Harlem for a meeting related to New york City Presbytery. Then take time to take my boys to a basketball game. 

When I return, new e-mails have come. Things are looking up. Another phone call. Questions. Answers. Satisfied. Solution. Only details to complete. There seems to be a feeling that I should feel elated. But I’m too tired. It’s more like the exhausted relief of Obama’s reelection. We’ve faced death once more and come out alive. But it gets wearing after awhile.

I tell Teddy it’s looking good. Then go to see Berik and Leila’s new opening...New York Realism Fine Arts: Art and Visual Concepts. This time Berik has 16 artists from 11 countries. I’m particularly taken by Nick Marci from Russia. He’s riffing off Flemish Renaissance, especially Pieter Bruegel. But with realistic figures in anachronistic juxtaposition. In talking with Berik, it doesn’t move into surreal, but is allegorical painting. The show’s card features Marci’s Bruegel painting with the Tower of Babel in the background. And I love his Flight into Egypt...another Biblical theme with a 50’s era rusting convertible in the foreground, a fantastic landscape in the background and a barely visible holy family heading towards Egypt. It’s Berik’s last opening for awhile...later in December they are heading to Moscow for an extended museum show.

Flight into Egypt by Nick Marci

I leave before Hugo arrives with the food. Love to stay but a family dinner awaits. And maybe two more e-mails to seal the deal. Marty was right. The big check is on its way.

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