Friday, November 9, 2012

There was no dancing in the streets this time


Day gets off to a slow start after being up late waiting first for the decision. Then Romney’s concession. And finally Obama’s victory speech.  Yesterday my friend Uli from Germany called reminding me that 4 years ago he had been here on election day. We went to a party at my friend Beppe’s. When Obama’s victory was declared, you could hear the sound of shouting flowing out of apartment windows filling the street.Like the sound when the Yankees won in ’96 after a long drought. Very quickly people flowed out into the streets in spontaneous celebration. So many the police just closed Broadway and a street party flowed on. Long time friends, strangers embracing in joy. Chants of yes we can and yes we did!

People felt it was their victory and in many ways it was. Uli said that it reminded him of when the Berlin Wall came down. I said to him, For us another kind of wall just came down. It was a night of hope and joy. Not this time. More like a weary sigh of relief. And lots of hard work ahead.

Danielle and her husband Nate there when I arrive.

After a meeting with the  Presbyterian Disaster Assistance team, I have a better sense of what we need to do.While the Red Cross comes in for the immediate, PDA and their interfaith partners in the National Voluntary Organization for Disaster Assistance, (NVOAD) are in for the long haul. For rebuilding communities. In our case, it will be 2-3 years easily.  Talk with Teddy about how we could host training sessions or even serve as a hosting site for volunteers. All possible. Martin and Soledad talking about the possibility of a benefit flamenco performance.

The day ends when Matt from Dzieci brings Isis to visit. I gove the whole tour: architectural, social-cultural historical. All. I learn more about how Dzieci lives its life as a theatre troupe, as, in many  ways a church. And we talk about what that means. A community. Gathering for ritual experience of the sacred, further building of community, service. Exploring mystery through the experience of theatre not didactically, but inductively.  Their works are always evolving.  

An unexpected opening in the  schedule allows them to schedule a performance of their Makbet in two weeks. My mind is filling with all kinds of thoughts. In December, they will be back to do a Fool’s Mass. They want to do one performance for people who are homeless or from the SRO’s in the neighborhood. What I’m wondering, as they bring new life to the reality of church, how can they help bring new life to this church?

A nor'easter is on it's way...and  it's snowing.....


“A profound exhilarating experience that I will never forget !”
dzieci makbet
A GypSy ritual adaptation of Macbeth
Saturday, November 17th 8:00 PM
West Park Presbyterian Church
165 West 86th Street @ Amsterdam In the Ground Floor Chapel
Suggested donation $10 (includes complimentary drinks + divination) No reservations - seating is limited - doors open @ 7:45
“Wonderful!” “Unexpected!” “Wowing, engulfing, just wow!”
“Spellbinding!” “Wow!” “Romantic!” “Amazing!!!” “The best!”
“My God!!!” “Wow!” “Remarkable!” - Students of the International Schools Theatre Association-
for information call 718 638 6037 e-mail or viSit:

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