Friday, November 9, 2012

Time is running short


A quiet day. Luli is in, working with Martin. He and Mariola working in the balcony, hoping to create a real office. Hoping to compete our negotiations.

The boys from St. Agnes are given very specific assignments today....count all the light bulbs, so that we can purchase longer lasting energy efficient bulbs and save energy....and money. And count all the white pews that have migrated from the chapel so that we might possibly offer them for sale and raise some money.

Harry from Philadelphia is in the sanctuary looking around. At first, I learn that he has a serious architectural interest as he uses the phrase Richardsonian.... so I give him the whole architectural/historical tour. But then I learn that he is involved in AIDS work in Philadelphia which opens up a whole other area of conversation. 

The day is coming to an end. All too soon again. The snow has melted and disappeared. But Rachelle has appeared. Her affliction has kept her inside. Her gnarled hands can not fit inside gloves. Only mittens will do and she can’t find any. Where will her things kept here at the church go?Time is running short...for her, for us, for....

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