Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I know what it feels like but how do we do it?


Priska's work

Image from the end of the Alivewire party last night...Rachelle in her extravagant hat and layers of clothes floating in an out among the guests....over the course of their run, they had gotten to know her...I love how the more open of our performing groups get to know and embrace the cast of characters that makes up this community...

Priska comes for a visit. I have known her as Jeremy’s wife, but now I have the opportunity to get to know her as an artist in her own right.  She has brought her portfolio and a new work. She is basically a painter, but uses sewing and thread and forms of collage as well. And included in her work are installations as well. She works in natural materials and handmade paper. Captured by repetitive patterns echoing nature like tree rings, or cells or jellyfish....repetition altered by subtle variations... they invite you in like walking a labyrinth or a composition by Philip Glass or Steve Reich.  And again the continuing conversation about spirituality and art and inference, induction and reflective experience as doorways into perception and understanding as opposed to didactic exposition.

She’s interested in doing a show. and/or possible renting a studio space. I’m a bit sad that installations are a bit difficult give our current reality but I enjoy the fact that she sees people’s interactions, even alterations of installations, sometimes encountered unaware, as part of the process. Also her understanding as to how art and performance interact with a space. I tell her that our most creative performance groups find the environment, the building, the space, entering into a dialogue with them and becoming part of their work. I’m torn with the tension between the appeal of our Berlin/Brooklyn/Havana ambiance and the need to reconstruct in order to draw long term lease relationships. Can we attract an audience with enough money to sustain such a vibrant environment? How do we build a community that is sustainable in present circumstances? In this neighborhood? Tension. She agrees to draw up a proposal...we’ll see where it goes..

I get the Catherine Feeny posters from the Israeli copy shop and Steven will get them up for us. We’ve got issues with getting into our website, which is major at the present moment. Teddy is repairing our historic display and negotiating with Alivewire for the leftover beer and how much of the set will remain. 

Hugo drops by with another food delivery. It’s his birthday....

Soon I’ll be off to the Presbyterian Welcome Faithful Servant event  to honor Macky Alston and Lisa Larges. 

Lots of concerns weigh heavy....

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