Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Star quality: these quiet beautiful moments


Last night at the Presbyterian  Welcome Event, Janet said that when se was in the city, West-Park would be her home. That felt good. 

Mornngs in the studio, Solead is taking privare ballet lessons. Teddy found a portable bar to make the lessons go easier. Even on eif the world’s greatest dancers can have the desire to learn.

Solomon from St. Agnes is by himef today. teddyhas him moving balck boxes to the gym for Miriam who’s perfomance is opening thsi weekend. Apparently, they’ll be the seats.

Teddy and Marc have to remove Rachelle’s stuff in order to et to Marc’s cable equipment which he has to set up for Jeremy M’s soundcheck rehearsal with Caherine Feeny for later that night.
Leila, Glena and Christmas Child

Bob and Leila
Leila has arrived to work with Glen and I on the Christmas Child Project. John R joined with his colleagues at work to come up with much needed children’s flip flops and othrr supplies. We’re gathering crayons, pencils, erasers, school supplies, pack in shoe boxes to send to children in over 100 countries, having begun in Bosnia during  the war 20 years ago. I head out to the dollar store to get some socks and other items. The work goes well and we help cary the boxs to a cab for Glen to take to the drop off point at First Baptist. 

On my way back from the dollar store, I see Martin and Nyelli heading off for a talk. They ask where to go. I point to the B. So, let’s get this wrappedup, OK? I say. Martin says we’ll talk.

Jeremy M has start rhearsal with his band, the Magi. A neighbor comes in, asking about the sound. At first, I thnk tha she’s loving it but then I realize that’s not the case.  So I explain the situation. Figure it’s time for a conversation with RL at his office. 

When I get back, Jeremy G comes in to see how his moveout is going. He’s wearing a suit, fresh from an interview.  Martin has returned. Tells me Nayelli will talk to us in the morning. We step inside to hear the rehearsal. I see that Catherine has joimed Jeremy and the band. She’s playing her ukelele. He’s working to find her song, join in it. We enjoy the craft together. Tells me he’ll be bringing his daughter. 

At the break, I greet Catherine. Tell her I’m glad she’s there. As how the European tour went. And the court date. For the Zucotti arrest. Jeremy tells me another neighbor has been in to talk. Seems lke he handked it better tha I would have. We’ll make it work. 

Catherine has a plastic cup of Guiness and one for me from Teddy.I’m reflecting on an experince earlier in the day.  After all these years of ministry, I’m still nit sure how to deal wit conflicts that break out between congregants. If two people say, help us resolve this, I’ve got ways to do that . (Still waiting to be tested....I’d love to try...) But when neither person is interested, I’m uncertain. I hear words that fly right past each other. Tempers rising. I can say stop, but that’s it. I envy catholic priests, black Baptist preachers. They start out with assumed authority. They speak, congregants listen. Something in our reformed theology and poity mitigates against that. And part of my personality. Like Soledad studying ballet, I need to keep working on it.

I sit and listen, entranced by the rehearsal process, watching two musicians who’ve never met beginning to discover each other in their music. I feel a sense of satisfaction, having set up this collaboration. Thinkin gback ot other rehearsal nights. Like the night before Andre’s concert. With Erasmia. These quiet beautiful moments. 

Catherine packs up her uke. Slings her guitar over her shoulder. I tell her I’ll see her Thursday. As she leaves, Jeremy walks over to me. Star quality, he says. These quiet beautful moments. Almost enough.

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