Sunday, October 28, 2012

We call it marriage


George has come from Florida.  Another from a gay couple who have been together many years who have gotten tired of waiting for their home state to come around and have decided to get married anyways. A weekend trip to New York on New Years’ weekend. He’s moved by our church’ long commitment to marriage equality and that we call it marriage, not a blessing of a union. And the story of the Steven window moves him as well. I hope to see he and his fiancee soon. 

A young white man was asleep on the steps when I got there. Teddy was going to try  and find out his story while I met with George. 

A big meeting with our center board and how to move forward with our 501c3 with a Union student who’s had a career in non-profits before beginning seminary. Mim. Ted, Katherine, Danielle and I are all around the table. The discussion at least  brings clarity. 

I’ve still got my service to plan and my longtime friend Jean has arrived early. I’m able to direct her to the Met while I finish my work. When she returns, Jeremy and his group the Magi are rehearsing for their Saturday night gig at the Village jazz landmark the Blue Note. He writes intelligent lyrics and has a solid pop sensibility that allows him to weave in his catalogue of musical experiences seamlessly while laying down a groove with hooks that crawl into your head. 

As I give her the tour of the building, the cast and crew of You Will Make a Difference are arrivng and getting ready for their Friday night performance. Teddy is finishing work on a redo of Noche’s floor. She sees the life that fills this space.

And somewhere, the contract is being worked on. 

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