Monday, October 8, 2012

Shooting begins today


Zeljko (right) ready to begin his project
This is the day shooting begins....

But first, Marsha, Mim, Hope. Ted, Danielle, Jamie and I meet with Minner from the Presbyterian Foundation to learn of their work and talk about ways to establish a trust to protect our money should one of our deals ultimately succeed. I remember her from the days long ago in the early ’80’s when we both worked at what was then the Presbyterian Church national offices at 475 Riverside Drive. While the church’s offices are now in Louisville, (yes, Louisville) the Foundation is across the river in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Kind of like New Jersey. We end the meeting feeling encouraged.

Andre arrives with Tsion to take care of some business and then head to the chapel for his interview with Zeljko. 

The Trilingual School people are back again and seem interested. 

Late in  the day, the man who  can never understand comes in  seeking a week long Metrocard but settles for $5. Two rides at least.

I stop in to see how Zeljko’s doing and he’s quite happy with his first day of shooting. We’ve worked hard to come up with our list of dreamers, characters, as Zeljko would say. I wish I could just set everything aside and enjoy the project, it’s the kind if creativity that feeds me. Not possible. 

Hugo, Teddy and Leila at the Opening
It’s been a day without stopping but I stay for Berik’s opening. Hugo arrives with two trays of food, some rich stew and frijoles. And the artist crowd seems to enjoy the Latin food. Hugo stays and he and I review the week, and Hugo’s ideas to create something like the nuyorican cafe. Some music with Berik’s art would just about get us there. 

As the opening is winding down, RL emerges from his studio. He’s been rehearsing. Preparing for his shoot with Zeljko. Invites me to join him at his office. Together we head down Amsterdam.

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