Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Breathing (just a little) easier


Martin stops by to tell me that he and Jamie have finished negtiations and we have reached an agreement.  Noche Flamenca will be in the house for the next four years. This is the first piece of the puzzle. We may actually have a moment to breathe. There is something about this relationship that is supposed to be. 

Teddy comes out to join us. Says, Didn’t I tell you this was going to work? Didn’t Bob tell you? Just supposed to be. 

Glen is in to review the success of our weekend. And to share a number of ideas for programming, spiritual and congregational growth, etc. He’ll be working at cleaning things up, moving things to the old medical room, helping put things in order. 

Martin and I are talking outside when Scott from Alivewire Theatre ( comes out.  I introduce them. He explains what they’re up to and the two of them get into a discussion of performance art. Turns out they've trained with the same teacher. We’re anxious to see what exactly this piece is.

Alivewire in the balcony

Scott wants information on the church’s socail history so I give him the Open House New York official tour. Glen agrees to help him with material for the program. 

Time for me to get ready for tonight’s salon at Jane’s house. 

The bottomline is, Niche Flamenca’s in the house. We can breathe (slightly) easier. 

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