Sunday, October 14, 2012

That's what I call church


The day begins with a tough negotiation/discussion with Jamie and Martin, trying to find a way towards a more permanent/long term relationship between Noche and us. The spirit,values, vision is there. But details are hard.

Sekou arrives for his interview with Zeljko. We have time to catch up. He’s editing a homeless newspaper in Boston. And just ready to head out to Israel/Palestine. And new fatherhood is part of that life as well.

Zeljko is finishing with Jeremy. They come out into the sanctuary and Jeremy sits down to play a few songs, beginning with his neo-Brechtian cabaret style Eden, Eden....let’s waste this year..... I’m fascinated watching Zeljko at work, directing his cameras, changing angles, shots, etc. while Jeremy plays. 

When he’s finished, Sekou sits down and plays his own song in progress, his soulful Welcome Home and I swear i could hear Donny Hathaway in there somewhere. (Okay...slowly bringing my self back from that...) They’ll retreat to the chapel to finish their taping.

Jeremy is talking to a cameraman. He nods and Jeremy smiles. He’s got a gig tonight with a puppet theatre company and wanted to cut a video. Zeljko’s crew agrees. Hey, if I ever doubted there was a God, this weeks settles that...and he spins his tale of random connections and things falling into place..That’s what I call church...

A Serbian singer friend Slava in New York by way of Switzerland has shown up waiting to be recorded. And Hope is here waiting too. Today has fallen way off schedule and I feel some anxiety around that. 

I did my shoot yesterday when a scheduled interviewee didn’t show up. I wasn’t ready. Wasn’t dressed tne way I wanted to be. Zejko liked it that way. I want t make sure that I said what I really wanted to say. That joy comes from the unexpected intersection if unlikely people that I help happen. That my dream is to see my boys  grow up happy, loved, able to love in return and if possible, working for a better world. Part of the legacy I want to leave, that the world will be better for my having been here.  And that what is broken might be reconciled...

Yesterday was also made special when my sister Amy and her daughter Olivia came up from New Jersey for a dance lesson and invited Nate and I to lunch. I was anxious to show her Martin's emerging studio. 

Takako comes in for her interview and returns the  white robe i loaned her for her ordination. Never did have the lunch we were going to have for her to return  the robe. 

Marc G is the last of the day. The whole Interfaith Assembly ministry has been a pursuit of a dream, Marc keeping it alive, barely, all these years. Still the only ministry in the city that combines personal transformation and policy engagement. 

Steven and Marc S reviewing details for Saturday’s film screening,

Still struggling with rachel over he mountain of stuff that has expanded from her SUV cart and become more of a nomad encampment. Since she is off to shul for Simchat Torah,  I suggest that she ask the Jewish Centerif she could put some of her stuff there.  

This is going to be a problem as the week goes on, I know....

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