Saturday, October 6, 2012

It’s a big sand box, we all need to play well with each other


Deacon James wife has passed out on Long Island. He had to help his son work through letting her go when the doctors said nothing more to be done....He’s trying intensely to locate his daughter who has dropped out of sight. No idea where to begin....

As we’re talking, Karen is in the sanctuary, filling the empty space with her music.


Kimberley is in for our weekly supervisory session. Continuing to chart her spiritual and theological reflection skills even as she hopes us get done what we need to get done. We speak of her vocational discernment and other upcoming challenges. 

Teddy is up to sorting out various complications with overlapping scheduling issues. It’s a big sand box, we all need to play well with each other.... The challenges of working with people with difficult personalities. Of which there are many. And Marty across the street, who seems back in an OK place. 

Cheryl and Dan (the DJ, the Occupier) are back in town for a court date. She brings cups she has crafted herself, her own pottery to replace what had been accidentally broken. The fact that she made them,  that they remind me of her, and of Dan’s time with us, makes them perfect for communion. Dan is working full time as a chef now in a Portuguese restaurant in Massachusetts. He seems calm, and peaceful. Hair grown out to normal. I’m seeing the person I knew was always there, even in his most difficult times. He and Teddy see each other on the steps. Each remembering their confrontation. Teddy says, Hey bro’, how’s it goin? 

The St. Agnes boys, Brendan and Solomon,  are back for another go round of community service. Teddy takes them to the chapel to get to work on getting it ready for Zeljko’s shooting to start tomorrow. Zeljko and Steve are working on the pr side of things. 

RL has been working hard on his studio. Appears in bowler and sleeveless undershirt. We talk about his upcoming interview with Zeljko.

Cheryl and Dan on their way back to Massachusetts.

And Danielle gets word that one more unexpected board has come unnailed, one more thing we sought secure falling through, feeling our backs pressed ever tighter against the wall. No way to end a day. 

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