Sunday, October 14, 2012

The interruptions define us


Teddy reports in before taking off for work. Kanaska showed up from Canada last night seeking shelter. Her first time here since her Occupocalypse. He put her up for the night and fed her. Told her she’d have to leave today. We’re really trying to get everyone out. 
Our team of Glen, Steven and Luisa is back on the case. heading to Costco amd Coney Island and the ends of the earth to gather what we need for the screening. 

Ten cases of beer show up from Lagunitas, one of our sponsors...

While I’m talking with Kanaska, one of this moments happens. RL walks in. Spies her guitar case. Asks her what’s in there. She opens it up and shows him her Hohner guitar. He gives us a complete oral history of the Hohner company. he takes off his hat and asks if he can play it. (I've never seen RL without a hat on. Aways assumed he slept with one on...) And there it is....RL, my shaman cowboy Indian old radio show man and Kanaska, tattooed lady occupier artist with a classic singer-songwriter voice with a Janis Joplin undertone trading song with each other in our narthex. 

Danielle looks up. There’s work to be done. I think of making  a video or at least a iPhone photo but decide that would be invasive and its best it just let it roll. Kanasla sings a new song, you can’t force on love on someone who doesn’t want it and you’ve got to lay it in the nnnnnnow.... Whatever else is going on, her creative vision never ends...

Another West-Park moment....back to work, but the interruptions define us...

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