Saturday, June 23, 2012

So last night Teddy heard gunshots...

The plan was I was going to meet Teddy on the steps at 7:30 am. His friend from the 24th precinct was going to meet us. We were going to confront the two white guys in the box. Tell them they had to move on. And confront Edward and Jesus if they were there too. 
But Teddy texted me. I could take my time. Something had happened. He’d tell me when I got there. I was up so I went. The steps were empty when I got there.  I open up the doors. Teddy comes round to see me. 
So last night Teddy heard gunshots. He came out to see what was going on.  Everything was quiet. And then Bobby showed up. The undercover cops had shown up. The two white guys were busted. Taken away. I always find it interesting that the homeless people and the Capital Hall people, the people on the streets, always know who and where the undercover cops are. The condo people don’t really get this. 
Teddy told me that given the uncertain state of affairs, he had invited Dave and Donna to come in for the night. 
A squad car shoes up. Two police for the 24. Trevor and Jimmy. Trevor and Teddy hug. He run s down the same story he just told me. Trevor explains that the Drug Enforcement Task Force operates separately from the precincts. When people are busted they can wind up jailed anywhere in the city. He doesn’t really know what happened last night but would keep his ears open. He agrees to come by and check things out tonight. Talk to Edward and Jesus should they happen to show back up. 
David and Donna have come outside and are seated on the steps. Teddy introduces them to Trevor, tells him they’re OK. Trevor gives David his phone number. Just in case.  We shake hands all around and they’re off. 
David is looking down. This is never what I wanted, he says,  maybe a different decision, maybe....
I tell him that the Project Reachout people called yesterday, We’ll stay on this...something is going to happen...
I can’t tell you how much I, we....appreciate...
It’s OK, don’t worry about it...we’ll figure it out..
It’s still early. By the time Danielle shows up at noon, a lot of work already for some preparation for Sunday’s congregational meeting....

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