Saturday, June 9, 2012

'sbeen a good day

Kimberley has come in to wrap up the paperwork needed for her internship to begin in the fall. She’ll be our first intern in about five years.  I appreciate that she is not right out of college and has some real world experience in managing an arts center. We go to Popover’s for lunch and a review of the Center Board meeting yesterday. She has already begun to play a valuable role. She too feels the sense of positive forward movement.  
Two miracles in one day. Ted has helped us find an attorney with experience in insurance and it we have received a manageable insurance premium quote.  We will sleep a little easier. 
Paula and her lighting person Fern back one more time  before tomorrow’s run through of their shows.
Marc has found some lights out we need to deal with. Danielle shares with Teddy the list of events coming up over the next few days.
RL arrives in is work clothes along with David. They pick up Teddy and soon they are hard at work on the grate again. Removing broken steps, welding edges and doors. Teddy tells me it had a certain Keystone Cops quality to it but things got sorted out,the work got done. RL offers to pay Teddy who adamantly refuses. It’s a church project he says. RL tucks the money away and says to me You’ll probably be getting this sooner than later anyways and chuckles. Time is set to start work again tomorrow. 

The crew: Teddy, David, RL

Tia’s been in and out checking on things for Sanctuary.
Danielle’s in laws have come in for a visit. . She introduces everyone before taking them on a tour. 
I go to Caridad la Original, the Dominican place up the street for dinner wit John before the dark Lady Players’ first run through before their performance on the ferry and on Governors Island for the Figment Festival. Exploding the Western canon is I believe its humble name. 
Up in the gym, Melisa has them ready to begin. And she has clearly taken John’s conceptual ideas deeper into theatre art and beyond didacticism. For better or worse, the radicality, the sheer audacity of Jihn’s work stands out more clearly. Whether or not he ultimately makes his case, his work is fueled by both intellectual and a social passion that’s not always visible. More clear, here.
Leaving, I see Glen and Chris on the stairway. Talking about Glen’s rehearsal. Teddy has found another blanket that was left by Occupy that will be cleaned and added to the script. Chris will soon try his hand at directing a scene.  And Glen tells me he’s ready to join the church. That feels like an honor. It has been a good day.

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