Thursday, June 7, 2012

A feeling of light at the end of the tunnel

Back from a morning in court with P_______. Finally she has an attorney pushing back against the unconscionable avarice of her landlord. Counter suing for unlawful enrichment. It’s late in the game, but still a chance for justice. Every time I leave court, wandering through Chinatown to get back to the train I feel disoriented. 
Mim comes in to plan the agenda for this afternoon’s Center Board meeting. Much is at stake. The window is not a big one. 
Piano Dan is in the sanctuary tuning the Beckstein. I always love to hear him at work. Steve is working with Paula and Leo and their lighting person getting ready for Saturday’s big benefit for their friend with a serious problem with her autoimmune system. The old 29th Street Rep Theatre gang is pulling together for this. Sorry i won’t be able to be there. 
Marissa comes by to wrap up some details from last week’s Movement Research Festival. We’re mutually pleased with the results. 
Steve comes int to tell me that there’s someone asleep on the steps. And it’s only 4 PM. I go out to see. And am surprised to see that it’s Edward Green, aka Human Being. Edward, I say, haven’t seen you in a long time. I thought you had  a place to stay. 
Nah, man. I wish. No place. 
So the deal’s still the same, I say, you can’t be here during the day. You have to get dressed, get going. 
He nods. Steve will be nearby around to see that he goes. 
Deacon Linda is going down the street to her volunteer work at Westside Campaign Against Hunger. She stops to show me pictures of her new apartment. She is very proud. I’ll have to have people over,  she says. And promises to come back to worship soon. We talk about last Sunday night’s work together at the homeless shelter at SPSA. The great meal Kate made. And celebrating the woman who now has a job and a home. Thanks to the Interfaith Assembly. You won’t see no more, she said. Hey you can always volunteer, said Kate. 
I head out to visit Rachel. She didn’t make it to church last week because she had fallen.  Need to see how she’s doing. Tell her Bonnie is anxious to get to know her better. 
The big event of the day is our center Board meeting. We are meeting with a prime potential partner for our Interfaith Center. The discussion goes well. Our visions are very much in line. Jamie asks the hard questions which always puts my stomach in knots.  But they have to be asked. Financial realities are, well, financial realities. Specific assignments are made. Work to be done. We will meet again next week. When our guests leave, we continue our discussion. More assignments made. 
I think about how the day began. How it ended. For the first time in a very long time, a feeling of light at the end of the tunnel. 

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