Friday, June 22, 2012

Maybe we should close the steps

Late in the day. It’s a sweltering 90 plus out. Draining. Danielle is just back from an arduous journey to White Plains picking up all the files for one of our legal case. Forty pounds worth. The Metro North Train. A cab to midtown East. She’s done in. Will have to forgo the Center Board meeting at Mim’s. 
I sign the papers for the new insurance policy. Jason and Kelly have gathered a diverse group for an open soace meeting in the sanctuary. Maybe this is the beginning of his vision taking shape. I greet them. Wish i could  stay. But I have to head to Mim’s for the Center Board.  
Later. Meet Jamie and her daughter and niece at the B. Need to review the meeting. But something bad happened on the steps as she passed. Someone threw a bottle over her head at a bus. When she spoke to him, he got up in her face. She wants me to close the steps. Bad karma. Bad energy. Scary to people. Are we really helping? Are we enabling? I struggle with this. She may be right. We have managed to find housing for about 80% of those who have slept here. Our Goddard Outreach friends have done well. But maybe it’s time. 
On the way home, we stop by the steps. To see what’s going on. Edward is asleep in the north doorway. He was the bottle tosser. Jesus Diablo is sprawled over the steps upside down, head down. We talk to David and Donna. David says these other guys are intimidating. He’s worried. Thinks maybe we should close the steps.  
Jamie talks to David and Donna. Tells David thet’re going to make it. Just need to keep seeing it. He looks at her. She hugs David. And Donna. 
I’m headed home. Micah arriving from Berlin.

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