Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rush hour concert


Still sweltering. Back from a miserable morning in court. ( Attorney Trieff: Thank you! Sorry for the frustration, but thank you!)
Teddy calls Christopher down so that we can try and figure out the source of the noise the neighbors complained about last night. Christopher, by the way, is looking quite summery in a pastel blue shirt over mint green pants. He calls it his Young Republican look.  The noise remains a mystery but  he will keep his ears open. 
Glen is showing me what he wants to do in the balcony. Design plans. A whole concept for a church run Little Theatre. It will start with fresh paint. 
Andre  has arrived for our afternoon rush hour concert on the steps for our part in Make Music New York. Jeremy hasn’t arrived yet.  My sons Micah and Dan arrive and are quickly enlisted by Glen to join in the painting project. 
It’s 5:15. The Sanctuary NYC singers have arrived. We head to the steps. Jeremy has his guitar. And a wooden percussion box. We start with what else, Sanctuary. Some of their favorites. Some of ours. I’m joining in.There’s an ever shifting audience as buses stop unload, move on. Some people stay, listen to a few songs. Smile. Someone suggests that as buskers, we need a tip bucket. So we get one. (We make $3.10)
Our real estate attorney Harris stops by. Happy to see we’re still alive and well. Micah and Dan take off. Are they leaving? They soon reappear with ice cold water for our sweltering singers. An African-American woman stops and joins in on a gospel song. And then, I don’t feel no ways tired.... Another woman with a stroller stops. Makes some requests. Stays til the end. Jeremy’s wife and uncle from across the street are in the audience. Glen and his lighting assistant join us. 
We close with a reprise of This little light of mine. This has been good. We’ll have to do this again some time.  Maybe with brochures. Cards.
Back inside, Jeremy is at the piano. Singers gathered around. Singing. Glen’s cast is arriving.
Jeremy and the singers
I decide to take Dan and Micah down the street to see if RL’s in his office. More music in the garden beside the school. It’s mad hot out. But a beautiful day. 

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