Thursday, June 28, 2012

How will we get through the next two months?

Back from court. Strange how exhausting it is to sit through a whole day of court even when nothing happens. Case adjourned until late September. This all began almost five years ago....Sometimes the game is well why not pay a few thousand dollars just to make it go away? Not going to do that.
Eddie Anderson
Marty is sitting in front of Dunkin Donuts, writing himself notes. I ask how he is, he asks how I am. Asks if I’m out for a stroll. I think, sure, I say. Somehow we wind up talking about the Jack Benny Show. His valet, Rochester..But his real name was Eddie Anderson, not a lot of people know that, says Marty. First black man in afeatured role on TV. He mentions Dennis Day and Phi Harris, the band leader known for his drinking. He used to hiccough, says Marty, right on TV. I realize we’re talking about Jack Benny and I should go. I look at his papers, the numbers, the diagrams, the arrows, tiny print...
What’re you working on, Marty?
Just figurin things out, figurin things to keep busy...
The idle brain is the devil’s playground, I say..
Never heard that before, says Marty.
The pool of dried blood is still there. 
Teddy setting up a table for this afternoon’s Center meeting. 
A young Asian woman asks about our history of edgy productions. She was aware of the Unsound Festival. I tell her about the Tenant, a Winged Victory for the Sullen, the Movement Research Festival...She has a company called the Opal Nest...
RL and David come in bringing the tools to complete the grate project. And help prepare a rehearsal space for RL. While we’re talking Ludovica comes in. Thankful the air conditioner issue has been resolved. Back at work rehearsing. Introduce her to RL who was in the middle of a discussion of various pranks that could be done with a magnifying glass and heat and sunlight and the Dalai Lama and flies.
I see them out, walk down the street with RL hearing the cheers from the Portugal-Spain game at the blue pub. 
Time for the Center meeting. Our partner deal hasn’t closed yet. We are still holding out for what we truly want, the vision. But how will we get through the next two months? It’s not clear. 

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