Friday, June 15, 2012

Are you sure you're not on TV?

Take sometime to catch up with Steven. Try to figure out what’s up with Jay and Jason.  And Steve, too. He’s been reflecting on a lot of things since Chicago. What’s it all mean? Where can this be headed What’s he have to do with any of it? I understand the issues. 
We decide to head down the street to what Amanda calls the Blue Pub to catch the second half of the Germany- Netherlands Euro Cup game. Even though my good friend Arjan is a Dutch diplomat, I've got a son and good freinds in Germany. No ocntest there, On the way back, we run into Marty. He says to Steve, Don’t I see you on TV?  Steve looks quizzical. I know, he says, the 700 Club. (A classic televangelist show.) The idea of Steve as a televangelist makes me chuckle inside. No, not me, says Steve. 
Marty tells stories of his childhood. Like when his father the rabbi would send him out to ask for donstions from the Seventh Day Adventists. And he never paid me any commission..About the essays he had to write for his father. Who’d put an  X through anything that he had copied from another book  .He finishes by telling his in the spirits of which it's given joke. As we’re leaving he calls out to Steve, Are you sure you’re not on TV?
Two musicians from a classical music concert back  in May have come looking for a music stand. I’m not too confident,but it is quickly found and they are happy. 
Danielle’s brother and sister in law drop by to visit her. 
Meetings. And meetings. And meetings. Beginning with a pre-meeting to prepare for the next meeting. Jamie has prepared an impressive report analyzing different options and their potential impact on income. Wants us to be clear on issues of mission vs. fiduciary responsibility.  Conversation with potential partners goes well. We’re pushing to moving past good idea to making it real. We're clear about the short window of  available time to do it. 
While we’re meeting, an older man comes in just to admire the beauty. Bobby comes in looking for a conversation
The session meets to review what happened in the meeting before and to prepare for the congregational meeting in two weeks. We’re working n bringing in new members, on contacting every existing member. Hugo reminds us of the importance of reflection. We get so involved in  immediate actions, we don’t take the time to reflect, evaluate. I recall how in community organizing, you always plan a meeting or action, do the action,  then evaluate what you just did. In my seminary teaching, I always stress the action, reflection, revision model.  Easier to teach it then to do it sometimes.  For too long we’ve bounced from crisis to crisis. We all feel that time is ending. 
 Jane has just wrapped up her class for the night. I thank her for covering  for me while I was in Seattle. She says it went well, The binding the strongman passage in Mark.  The inspiration for Ched Meyer’s book that’s been informing our Bible study. 
On the way outside, Christopher asks how i’m doing. Good. Tired. It’s been a long day. But good. 

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