Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This will not be easy

Wesley and Antonia still on the steps. Chris has tried. Teddy has tried. We’ve got to get the door open. We’ve got to find a solution to this. One more insurmountable problem. 
We go to the Session Room to meet with a group from the Occupiers. First look at the work they’ve done to develop an exit strategy. OK as far as it goes. Still feels like an early stage of development for the coop. Still looking to develop the silkscreen business. Good start, but....
When Danielle and I talk later, she’s concerned that we still don’t have a clear end date. We know we’ve got a major music festival at the end of  May. Needs to happen before then. Can we set that, move back from there, set benchmarks? And what if they are not met? What then? She, as always, points to our history of unmet deadlines.
I spend some more time with Steve. He agrees with me on these concerns. Aware of the festival. And equally unsure as to where to go with this. Especially consequences for not following through, breaking agreements. 
Back with Danielle, I share my feelings. In all honesty, I’m not sure that their vision of maintaining their community into some new living situation is feasible. That they are capable of pulling it off. That makes me sad, because what they have accomplished is amazing. Steve says the most fulfilling work he’s ever done. The thought of them scattering is upsetting. As is the fact that it may be hard or impossible to find housing for everyone. And I feel an obligation to see everyone cared for. They need outside intervention, for team building, intergroup dynamics, conflcit resolution. I don’t see how it’s going to happen.
But most of all, in all honesty, I will miss them. I’ve come to care for them, the people who live with me. As I will miss thier engagement in the building, their work, their participation in our community. Promises will be made, but once they’re in the Bronx, Queens,Staten Island....scattered, well, who knows...still the process is important. Necessary. For moving forward. This will not be easy. 
The clinic folks have arrived, opening up, ready. 

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