Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Monday: Didn't last long

It’s good to see Jason H again. Haven’t seen him since Occupy Town Square at West-Park. He’s his usual bundle of energy, curiosity, creativity and even optimism. Been working very hard with Kelly as evangelists for open space facilitation (which my friend Rick Ufford-Chase at Stony Point also uses so well...). He’s bursting with ideas, we need to get them down and schedule some meetings. Ideas for bringing together community groups and unions and ows and ... What I need to know is how all this fits in with what Jessica and Mary are working on and Shen does anyone get a handle on all that’s going on in ows at any one time? A People’s Forum, a gathering in Central Park, action in  Chicago, May Day.... the general disinterest in the press....
Mim has come by to review concerns and agenda for the upcoming Center meeting. Steve is meeting with Nicole (from and Zach who are doing a documentary on Occupy, including the West-Park coop folks. Sorry I don’t have time to be interviewed.
Marc has brought a microwave (much appreciated) and Rudolfo is looking for medical assistance. Still no tarjeta verde. Asks for tres dolares for alguna cosa pa’comer. 

Kamini stands at the door, a piece of cake to offer. 
Jamie drops by. Ideas to review. And soon enough its time for our session meeting. Proposals. How do you make sure you’re not selling yourself short? What’s negotiable, what isn’t? What’s reaslitic? How do we make good deals and still make enough to survive? Time is running short....
On the way out, I see Steve. Need to catch up on how the coop is doing with its plans for an exit strategy. See if he’s got any insights as to how what Jason’s talking about connects with what any one else is talking about. Work’s not over yet.
Easter Monday. That moment of Easter clarity, Easter peace didn’t last long. 

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