Sunday, April 8, 2012

Good Friday: The accumulated weight

A day of pressurs and anxieties. Runi back for another round. She got her one thing done. Wesley and Antonia slow again. Wesley comes in with a handful of Gospels of John he picked up somewhere. Teddy had told me they had recived a marraige license. But no. Lost the papers. Wesley tells me she’s getting worse. Needs a psych eval. I tell him about the free clinic. The staff had  actually been looking for her.

Coffee at Barney Greengrass. My friend behind the counter might have a job as a chef, what he's been looking for. Gary is looking forward to Passover tonight then leaving for his annual Pesach week vacation. I wish him good travels. 
A German woman has come in just to look around. From Bavaria. And Berlin. I tell her I have a son living in Berlin. Jamie and Steve drop by from a walk to the Conservatory Gardens I wish I could have been on.
I hear the ominous sound of cooing, whuch sends a chill down my spine,  and realize that the pigeons have broken in somewhere again. Which tower? Did someone leave a door open? Turns out the bell tower hatch has come open. Teddy braves it and goes in, scares the pigeons away and pulls it shut. 

I look and am somewhat amused to see that Teddy is wearing an old t-shirt of mine with the old New Haven Black Crows baseball logo. The ever resoureful #ows clothing committee under fashion director Chirs has obviously found my stash tucked away soemwhere during the water damage clean up . I tell him it looks good on him, tell him the story and we both laugh. 
Jane and I go for coffee. She mentions that Teddy with hu slarge personlity, creative humor and Yonkuhz accent woud make a great character for a sitcom. Except he’s a real guy, in every way. And I think that its good to have moved from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest to sitcom territory.
RL’s in to look around. Talk about possibly renting space to rehearse. And reviving the open mic night. I haven’t had a moment to breathe or work on that one. 
Anna and her dog come by again. I tell her I appreciate her comments and contributions. And I mean it. She’s very open and honest about herself. 
Raven has returned from somewhere. Anna greets him warmly.
Rudolfo comes in. Medical concerns.Delays with his green card an therefore medicaid. I tell him about the free clinic.
Scattered people throughout the day into pray. Table draped in black. Single candle burning.
Get anxious and frustrated waiting for the folks to come for the Good Friday service. No program. And we’ve got no paper for our printer. And there’s none at CVS. And none at PC Richard’s. Finally racing back from Goldleaf Stationers, I’m on the verge.  By the time I get back with the bulletins, everyone is sitting in te sanctuary, anxiously awaiting. 
The girls do their annual Seven Last Words presentation. I feel distracted. Heading home, the accumulated weight of the week has begun to wear me down.
It's Good Friday.

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