Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friday the Thirteenth

Friday the Thirteenth. Brief stop at the church before Opening Day at Yankee Stadium. Turns out Teddy worked on the construction crew building the new theme park version of Yankee Stadium. Installed the spinklers under the deck, and helped build the dugouts. Grew up a Yankee fan. Used to be able to see into the original Yankee Satdium from his wife’s apartment. Bitter about how the new stadium displaced the park where the Dominicans played ball but even more barbecued and hung out. There’s a classy ball field on the site of the original field. Heritage Field its called. Tightly scheduled. Not the same.  And angry that he can’t afford to take his kids to a ballgame anymore. And a funny story about a protest buried in the dugout wall.
Steve and I talk about other games at other ballparks. His growing up and going to Jack Murphy in San Diego. I remember the 98 Yankees-Padres series at the old Stadium. The group of Padres fans who thought it would be cool to wear giant Mexican sombreros in the upperdeck. Bad idea. 
Come back after the game to find Steve, Requiem and Rose tabling, passing out free clothes. Advertising tonight’s 99% movie night featuring Inside Job, the Matt Damon narrated doumentary on the destruction of the economy. 
Jamie drops by after work. An overwhelming agenda of issues to cover. Feels like its all closing in. 

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