Monday, April 30, 2012


A team of firefighters wearing wounded warrior  t shirts come through for a fire safety inspection. Note our progress, what remains to be done...Later in the day, I find posters advertising the FDNY firefighters beefcake calendar attached to the poles under the scaffolding.
Teddy and Steve meet with us to plan various projects required for insurance  and also to talk about progress in finding arrangements for occupiers who will be very difficult to place. In the sanctuary, Karen, a woman Teddy met on the corner, is playing the piano and singing her original songs. 
Marc and Jeremy are on a search for Jeremy’s missing mike stand and discussing plans for the music room. These discussions are never easy. Marc is checking out the Hammond to see if we can figure out the model, its possible value.
Outside, Steve and Raven are working on selling some of the last Occupy t-shirts. One of our deacons, Pat, who lives in the neighborhood, walks by with her daughter-in-law, Maya, who I haven’t seen since her wedding. She too, is a singer-songwriter. I want them to see the t-shirts and I want Maya to see our performance spaces. I’ve been following her and her performances  on facebook.
Pat buys a t-shirt.  
I’m standing on the steps with Teddy when a piece of paper flutters down and lands in his hand. Scrawled on a scrap of lined music staff paper is a series of Bible references and quotes with unique misspellings. We look around to see where it came from. No sign anywhere. Teddy looks at me, at the paper. Too weird, bro, I’m holdin’ on to this. 

Prophecy: Last line is LUKE 6+48 SOliD ROCK

We walk to the B. Cafe to wait for Tracy. Later over mussels, we’ll talk organizing and tactics and Obama. Was he as Tracy says, a trick? I don’t think so. The hope raised was real. The base built was real. The possibiity was real. And then, well, futile attempts at accomadation while political space narrow to non-existent. 
We walk up Amsterdam together to join the pickets in front of Saigon Grill.

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