Thursday, April 12, 2012

Not the Titanic

Deacon James has shaved. Looks only slightly less distinguished. Still wearing his African hat, quiet and dignified. The chemo is tiring. And the new teeth are not right yet. I tell him I know it can’t be easy. Well, he says, this is not the Titanic. I’m not going down that fast. One of these days, it’ll all be over. And I’ll just roam around heaven all day. But for now, I’m still here.
John H is in to help us with last minute financial analysis going in to tonight’s meeting with Melisa and her partners. We need to make sure that we understand everything in order to have an intelligent discussion. 
Teddy in my old t-shirt
Teddy comes by for an update on discussions regarding their exit plan. 
I head out to talk to Jack. It’s been too long since I’ve seen him. When I get back, Jamie is there. One last preparation discussion. 
We meet wih Melisa and her partners in the chapel. Our session members, the Center board, Danielle. And Berik. Explore issues of finance. Insurance. Programming. Ask hard questions. They handle it well. And we feel good about the meeting. 
When they leave, we review the mountain of issues re. money, repairs, etc. that are confronting us, looming, like a waiting iceberg in a freezing North Atlantic. It even feels cooler today.
On my way out, Teddy stops me. They’ve brought Wesley and Antonia’s things inside. She was taken away to the hospital. He had to go with her. 

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