Saturday, April 21, 2012

They made good shirts

Long conversation with Rafael. He tells me his story. And we have a word of prayer. And I am glad that he has come to trust me enough for a conversation like this.
Kimberly is a Union Student interviewing for a possible field work placement in the fall. I give her the whole tour, bottom to top and back again. Hear her story, someone whose been living a life already, not just a student fresh out of college. She’s a Unitarian Universalist. Lots of experience in the arts. Even though she sings in the choir with Mim,  I’m still  anxious for her to talk with Mim about the Center and what we’re trying to do.  She’s dressed in black for this afternoon’s worship service at Union which will feature my friend Jim Forbes and an aerialist. This could work. The internship, that is. 

There are three young women hanging out in the sanctuary. Praying, they say.
Outside, our occupiers have set up a table and are selling the t-shirts they were up all nuight making. It’s good work. They make about $100 for the afternoon.

Jason and the shirts

Teddy and the shirts

the shirts

It’s time for me to head to Union to meet Mim for the 175th anniversary gala for the Seminary.

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