Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Strictly equal opportunity

Anthony and Gary are on the steps.  We talk about the increasing number of homeless people on the steps. Pastor, I even saw someone trying to break in the door the other night, he says. I tell him that the door hasn’t been the same since.  He shakes his head. You know as it gets colder, you’re gonna get more and more. I tell him that I know, that I lived through last winter.  And that its colder inside. 
And he asks about the boiler. Didn’t that woman, that Gale, Gale Badger? say she was going to do something about that? 
Brewer, I say. She’s trying. Con Ed’s hard to work with. 
You saying they don’t like Christians?
 No, no way Anthony. They’re strictly equal opportunity...they’ll do this to Christian, Muslim, Jew, doesn’t matter. Anthony and Gary get up and start own the street. He looks back over hsi shoulder. You tell that Gale Badger to help you. And they’re gone. 
Jeremy drops by. We’d like to work on some music for the Balcony Music Festival. I have some  Christmas songs in mind. We crank up the sound system, I pull out my ipod and put on Early on one Christmas morn, by Bruce Cockburn, (, complete with the ricky tick piano and guitar. And try his Mary Had a Baby and finally with his quirky Go Tell it on the Mountain. We decide to settle in and work on Early...
Come on Bob, he says, commit. Take your glasses out of your mouth and commit...And so I do. and I loosen up. And out it comes...Then we dig into Go tell it ...with its quirky resolution, not the way you exect to hear it.  And that begins to feel good too. 

The just for kicks, I play him Spiraling's mash-up of Do You Hear What I Hear and Baba O'Reilly. ( )
And then Danielle arrives and its back to boiler bureaucratic  hell. Tonight’s Center board meeting will be tough. 

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