Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The man from Con Ed came

Hope and Danielle are working on thankyous for the gala as I arrive. Seems I just missed the district manager of Con Ed who came for a personal inspection. He checked out the pipes, the boiler room, the trap door. Maybe he has figured out what needs to be done. He said he’ll be back to us. A lot is riding on his ability to get things done. We’ll see.
All day long, Nick is busy creating his art installations in the Session room and in the room above Mc Alpin. One of his works involves removing floorboards and  installing boom boxes under the floor that will play a Beach Boys loop. The opening is Friday night. 
Late in the day, Nate and Dan come down to join us and work with Danielle to hang the signs for Ted’s Crafts Fair. He’s moving ahead, boile ror no boiler. Dan stays on the scaffolding while Nate moves uo and dowh the ladder. He signs get hung.
Hanging a banner

One darkness falls, the homeless people are already settling in for the night. 
I come back, late at night to check something I left behind.  Nick is still there, hammering, sawing, painting....Outside, each doorway is filled. 

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