Monday, December 26, 2011

A green sweater. A copy of Gray’s Anatomy. And two jelly donuts.

A green sweater. A copy of Gray’s Anatomy. And two jelly donuts. 
Yesterday when I was talking with Anthony and Gary, a little woman walked up with a big bag. Took out a Metropolitan Museum bag. And tied it to our door. And walked off. Inside were dozens of Christmas cards, that is the front of each, the signed part cut off.  She was goin gdoor to door doing this. 
Today will be a race against time. The last workday before Chirstmas Eve. Last chance to get the heat on.  Teddy and Kiran are here to work on the door. To see what needs to be done with the showers. I’ll be busy all day long in an endless circle of phone calls between Con Ed, Chris the plumber, Councilmember Brewer. I’ve reached out to Ted to reach out ot his friend again. 
Later Jane and her husband Mike, visiting from California, will stop in to check on the status.  No. Not yet, I say. Waiting for clearance from the DOB. (Among other things, the old stop work order still hadn’t been lifted.) And apparently, our expeditor headed into the bull pen (where expeditors wait) not realizing a call to our councilmember woud have opneed a clear path. Now the issue is can we get our expeditor into the DOB before 2 PM? We’ll claim that, says Jane. We’ll think good thoughts. 
Leila has brought some of the  scarves and jewelry she has created.Some last minute shopping for family. Her crafts are always beautiful. 
Latest word from the council member is that connections have been made, details are being worked out. 
One of the mothers of an occupier has come back again. To check in on her son. To see what might be possible. Before Christmas.
A Polish plumber/electrician is downstairs in the boiler room working. Con Ed is coming, he says, Con Ed is coming. 
I go to do an errand. On the way back, almost to 86th Street, I see RL. We shake hands, exchange greetings. Back inside, in the office, I see he’s left two bottles of wine, one for me and one for Danielle. Bless you, RL. 
Another plumber has been sent by Chris to waith for Con Ed. We wait. And we wait. At 4:45 PM, the phone call comes. They’ve all gone home. They won’t be coming. 

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