Saturday, December 10, 2011

Somedays, just nothing works

Early to the church. The electrician needs his tools. He’s annoyed because he wants to finish the job and Chris his boss is calling him off to another  emegency. He’s got no more idea than I do as to how we get through the bureaucratic morass with the boiler or what the strategy is. 
While I’m watching the electrician’s car, David Grunberg, the Concertmaster  of the Riverside Orchestra comes up. Helps me watch the car as we talk. He’d been to the gala Monday night. Had played in Riverside’s performance here in November. And back in the day had played with Jens Nygard of the Juoiter Symphony. 
He wants to get his own chamber  group back together. Give something back. Would like to do a benefit for us. Wants to know the full currrent situation, so I leave him with the electrician’s car and go get him a copy of the Westside Spirit article, which pretty much says it all. And then the electrician comes and we all three talk together and then the leave.  
Most of the day is spent trying to get traction on the boiler situation.  We seem to be dependent on Councilmember Brewer again.  Although Ted, too has a connection. But, the lack of heat is slowing Jane’s efforts to build momentum. Even her warm and cozy office on gala night, her sense of presence, won’t hold a crowd in a cold place. And Ted is frustrated. (Almost) Ready to pull the plug on the Crafts Fair which would kill the Second Annual Balcony music festival as well. And stop us in our tracks. Ted’s got baners to hang. Cards to get out.  The frustration is wearing. To say the least.
Luli is back again for Noche Flamenca. We’ve already agreed to one proposal but now she is focused on the session room and chapel which no way cold we give up access. And she seems frustrated to not get what she wants and we so want this to work.  So you wirte something up, she says. Well, ok, but....we already did that. 
I’m trying to get away to do planning with Jane when P_____ comes through the door. Yes, I have called the court.But no, they won’t let me talk to the judge. They said to me, we have told Ms. P_______ over and over and over...And so? Does anyone get that she may not understand wha theyAnd  are sayng, even if over and over? Ironically, she makes too much money to get a legal aid atorney. And I need the judge to know that if theyeict her, she’s done. On the street. Which is great fpr the landlord, butn no one else. She follows me all the way up the street to Starbucks.  Laura (WSSFSH) has recommended her to an eviction protection program. If only it’s not too late.  
Somedays nothing, just nothing works. 

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