Friday, December 2, 2011

and then sometimes a day collapses in on itself.

The Occupy volunteers are hard at work. Down in the basement, the boile rcrew is hard at work in a concentrated effort to finish the boiler and get the heat going before Monday night. Laura’s cast has arrived and is rehearsing for their opening.  There is not a moment to lose as we go through all that remains to be done for the gala/benefit.
And then, sometimes a day collapses in on itself. Rudolfo is in my office, looking very sad. He went to Jan Hus. But not when I had told him to. Felix was not there. No one else spoke Spanish. Now he’s back here on te Westside. He lifts his pant leg, his leg and ankle are badly swollen, barely fit into his shoe. We establish it’s diabetes. And that becomes my priority.
And as often happens, I can’t find anyone on a phone, only voice mails. I'm on my own. Finally, I reach a clinic. Beg. Plead.They’ll see him Write up a $125 bill, not expect to have it paid.
While I’m wondering through this with Rudolfo, one of the #ows volunteers comes in. One who seems closer to the lost souls end. With a combination of aggression and apology that is more than I’m ready to deal with. At the moment I feel overpressured, i say, Look, stick to the priorities we agreed to . Then we’ll see.  
P_____ has come in with her eviction notice. I call the court to see how she can appeal. What I get is admonition and attitude. She should come here immediately. We’ve already explained it to her over and over, why should we explain it to you? I was not able to move during her last court date. I’m sorry but there was nothing I could have done. 
I try to help her fill oiut the papers. Draft a statement in her support. She wants me to write a letter claiming I know something I don't. It is profoundly disturbing. No one seems to understand she is seriously bipolar. Believes that 15 cameras have been installed to watch her. Rays shooting down through the ceiling, burning into her head.  Somehow through God’s grace, and a good union, she has kept her job in the school system. And managed to keep her apartment. It’s very clear...if she’s evicted, she will become homeless. An dbecaus eshe works, she doesn't qualify for a legal aid lawyer. Which won’t help anyone except the landlord. Where is justice in any of this? I must be there the next time she has to go to court. The jusge must know this.
RL comes in to check things out.  I ask him where to get a lot of champagne. And he agrees to hook me up with his favorite bar owner.  Wants me to head down there right now, but I can’t. 
Hope has arrived to do more clean up. The boiler guys left with the radio going and the lights on and an open door. An #ows volunteer wants me to do something about their professionalism. All this is happening at once.  What I needed to get done will not be.  The near impossibiity of getting anything right for anybody is maddening beyond belief. And yet, I tell Danielle, this is why we're here. 

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