Friday, December 23, 2011

Curse you, Con Ed

Dan the DJ is waiting for me when I get to the church. Last night was a better one. Just wants to drop soem things off before heading out for his day, a possible job out there. 
Teddy and Jeff are the next to arrive this morning. Teddy’s here to work on plans to repair the front door, damaged the first night of Occupation when someone tried to break in. Jeff is there to continue our conversation, our negotiation, about putting together a more sustainable Occupy community at West-Park. We’re talking about budgets and money, repair work to be done. 
Meanwhile, anxiety about the boiler continues. Curse you, Con Ed. Chris my plumber is beside himself. It’s been over two days and no word whatsoever. So I have to go higher. Call in Councilmember Brewer. Let Ted know so he can contact his freind in management. It’s just too close to Christmas. And again, it’s warmer outside than in. It’s madddening. 
Diaan Ainslee has called to check out our space for her acting classes. Turns out she’s an old veteran actor, director. Decades ago on Broadway, recently directed a regional Jesus Christ Super Star, and then Vagina Monologues for the JCC. Clearly passionate about her work, her students. I show her all the rooms, all the spaces. She can imagine teaching in all of them. Loves the session room, the expanse of Mc Alpin, the Balcony Theatre. I can see in her mind’s eye, she’s already working here. They call me Hawkeye, she says, I don’t miss a thing. 
Two AFA guys have arrived to check out the fire alarms. I show them down to the basement. It’s hard running things without Danielle. Another Polish plumber has arrived to run the pressure test on the boiler. Does that mean we’ve heard from Con Ed? Chris gets upset just hearing the question.
Hope comes in so I can go to the Met with my family, but phone calls keep coming. Councilmember Brewer, Chris the plumber, and yes, as I’m about to enter a gallery, Con Ed. The call of course drops before I can get it and that’s it.
Back at the church, Jason comes by. His new cell phone has arrived. We, of course, are his address.  
Hope goes home. I lock up. Though I will be back. I’ll be back. There will  be more phone Occupier's mother, a congregant on the verge of eviction...

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