Thursday, December 29, 2011

The fourth day of Christmas: Everthing happening at the same time

Carcasses of wasted umbrellas litter the sidewalk near the steps. The front Dream. Real. Hard. banner has been badly battered and is hanging limply as it flaps in the wind. Yesterday’s rain storm leaves its marks.
Anthony comes in to talk about the boiler. You know, Gary used to work for Con Ed, if that will help. I tell him thanks, I appreciate that, but we seem to making progress. Anthony looks out at the sanctuary.
What is Sanctuary NYC?, he asks.
A new faith community, church that worships here on Sunday afternoons.
Oh. He’s silent. How many of the old ones, you know, the old ones from before, still come?
Not too many, a few go way back, I say. Maybe two dozen who’ve been here over fifteen years? It’s hard.....
He’s quiet. Makes me sad to see a house of God so damaged, to have to go through this, makes me sad.  Quiet again. You haven’t given up....that takes courage. He goes out. Gets gary. They look aroud together. Waves goodbye. 
Jeff comes in to continue the discussions planning the work for the evolution of #ows’ housing. Current communities will be ended. Community living covenants will be drafted among carefully selected groups. Each will be unique to that particular group. Anyone not willing to live by the agreements all shared in creating can not be part of the community. 
Dan swoops in on his skateboard excited that he has met two young skaters on 86th who’d like a lesson. He’ll get a ladder to bring the banner down and be available for wahtever else is needed. 
Then a lot of things begin to happen at once. I’m trying to track down where we are with the boiler issue. Micah’s friend Nina has come for a tour of the church, so I break away from Jeff and show her around. I want her to understand where I work. What the place is like. Living in Berlin, she sees the esthetic connections. 
Martin arrives for another look to try and finalize plans for where Noche Flamenca coud fit in.  He has brought his two brothers, both with their own skills.  Jason is waiting for some friends of his friend Kelly who might have some ideas.  
Nan arrives with this week’s checks to be signed.  Jason needs his resume to be printed, but its not working so I send him to the Bengladeshi copy shop. 
It’s getting late, I need to go see Micah and Nina before they leave to return to Berlin. Martin is still thinking, needs to take another look. Jason has returned and just as I’m about to walk out, he says, they’re here..
I tell him to start the tour, I’ll be up. I go back to Martin. When I get up to the 4th floor, there’s Jason, his friend Kelly and a dynamic woman, Isabel, who’s giving things a serious once over wth a clear snese of what needs to be done.  I’m getting anxious about leaving when we’re joined by Isabel’s daughter. I apologize, explaining that i have to run to see my son before he leaves for the airport.  The striking young woman introduces herself as Rosario. Rosario Dawson. She really wants to help.
Walkihg up the street, I’m thinking, so i just walked out on Rosario Dawson...
But of course she and her mom will understand, it’s about family. 
I’ll come back in a hour or so. To see Jason again. Talk about plans for Martin Luther King, Jr weeknd.  And then I’ll go for coffee with Jane. When too many things are happening at once, I need to wait for my head to clear, to stop spinning. 

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