Saturday, September 17, 2011

We're here. We're open. We're alive.

The front doors to the church are closed as I approach. Paul is stretched out alseep on a cardboard bed, a stack of newspapers for a pillow. Excuse me, sir, you can’t sleep here during the day, I say.  We use this door, people come in and out. You’ll have to leave. He looks up at me, nods his head, begins to gather up his things. There’s an empty Smirnoff’s mini and that’s it. 
I go in through the side door. Go to our desk. Text Danielle, Im here, where are you? And she responds, sanctuary. OK, so somehow I missed her. I go check the sanctuary and there she is working on the set up for Sunday’s showing of Divided We Fall. We’ve decided to use the sanctuary instead of the balcony theatre. We’ve borrowed a projector and screen from SPSA. Things seem to be checking out ok so far. Danielle tells me Sara will be in later to finish up and also install our new banner.
Woodshed comes in to prepare for the evening’s performance. Bon Iver has been replaced by a hip hop song today. A woman comes in askinghow she can get tickets. I tell her there’s a sound check going on and to go down and ask.
Sara has arrived. We’re talking about upcoming events. I tell her about the upcoming P&G evening. Show her RL’s press release. She thinks it’s great and will help get the word out.  The final test of the equipment says we’re good to go.
She’s brought along one of their production people, Jake, to help get the banner up. I really don’t like not being able to help. The big ladder is brought out, put up on the scaffolding. Danielle and Jake climb up and onto the scaffolding, Sara remains on the ladder. Working together, using bugees, they get two banners up.  Dream. Real. Hard, they say. Hopefully, they’ll help people realize we’re not vacant, abandoned or derelict. We’re here, We’re open. We’re alive.

Gary Grengrass is walking past the church on his way home. Good shabbes to you,Reverend, he says smiling. And good shabbes to you, too, Gary. I still have to finish the Sunday service and finish up a few things before I go.  It’s late Friday afternoon. It’s turned chilly, like fall. All of a sudden. We must get the boiler solved.

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