Thursday, September 22, 2011

At least the pieces seem to be there

Brandon and Kate have come in to discuss a series of music concerts, beginning this Sunday with Hauschka, who does some amazing things with a prepared piano. Brandon does the sound for Woodshed. We can work together to develop this part of the life of the Center.  Looks like we can begin with three concerts. It’s an expansion and extension of what we did with the Bridge concert series. 
Katherine and Sarah have come to work on advertising and pr for our series on Forgiveness. We will take two night to sceen the PBS film by that name, the second film in our Hard Questions series,  and then have four sessions of discussion. Eleanor will lead this program. I’m glad that she’s found something to do  with us.  
A conversation with Councilmember Brewer last night and with Jane and Peg from the Landmarks Conservancy and it feels like we’re making progress on the boiler issue. Some pieces need to fall into place, but I begin to feel like it might actually happen.  At least the pieces seem to be there.
Its strange being here this week since I intended to be in Lousiville.  I’m just not ready to travel yet. I’ve got a meeting then I’ll go to see my old friend Jack. It’s been too long since I’ve seen him while this back situation has kept me down.  His ability to passionately hold onto life no matter what always helps keep me going. I hope to be able to pass that gift on some day.  

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