Saturday, September 24, 2011

Violinists play with anyone they want to

JiYoung comes in with her daughter Miranda looking for her check. We’ve transferred all of that business away from SPSA to West-Park.  I remember baptizing Miranda, over at SPSA. Helping Ji Young through a number of moves. The rough place she had to stay in Brooklyn. Her working with Holly. As someone who grew uo in the Korean middleclass, being a single mother has been a real challenge. I admire her tenacity in hanging in there, doing her best for Miranda. I look at her running her fingers over the keys of my computer and I remember  the Asian New Year when Ji Young dressed her in a traditonal costume and shared Korean food with us. 
A young woman walks in with a violin. Her name is Kate. She’s waiting for RL.  He comes in from the rain looking very late 19th century in his top hat and long duster. Looks like he’s wandered in from a movie set. It’s good listening to them rehearse, getting ready for Monday night’s P&G event. His dry Western voice going on and over the violin accompaniment. He stops by on his way out. I ask if he’s played with Kate before and he laughs and tells how he “stole” her from another musician.
Y’know,  your fiddle players have to belong to one musician or another. It’s just the way it is. But your violinist, why they play for anyone they want to. Anytime  they want, he says.  Not sure I understand, but it works for me. 
Late in the day, I hear a voice behind me. It’s Boxer Mike. Wants to know about my back. I tell him my story. He offers to work me out, get me back in shape. That’s gonna take awhile, I say. Then he tells me again all he needs is a place to hang his bag, do something for the kids. We talk about the gym and basketball again.  I remember back in the days before Rudy when my boys and their friends would play ball up there. Wonder what it would take to get the backboards and hoops back up.  

Hope,and others, aren't too keen on boxing as a sport for kids. I basically get that. Although in this week’s Sports Illustrated there’s a story about a program in Brazil called  Luta Pela Paz (Fight for Peace) where children in the favelas learn boxing, wrestling and capoeira, as well as computer skills and citizenship. It has saved a lot of children. Maybe Mike is not that far off after all. I’d like to know a little more about him before I make up my mind. He tells me he’s off to visit his girlfriend in Sweden and we talk of the back in the day Swedsish boxer Ingomar Johannsen and his clsssic fights with Floyd Patterson. I wish him well on his travels.

Floyd Patterson and Ingomar Johannson

That guy out there, he says, meaning Edward, I can get rid of him for you, but he says you let him stay there at night.
That’s right. At night. Only at night.
Well, I’ll keep an eye on him. He makes any trouble for you, you let me know, ok?
Thanks, Mike, I will. 
Danielle’s husband Nate has come to hang out awhile, see her home. I’ve got a wedding rehearsal to get to in Brooklyn. We’ve done enough for today. For this week. 

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