Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A note to my readers

I try very hard to keep this blog as current as possible. I appreciate very much all of you in so many different places who have taken an interest in our story. So I wanted to share a word or two of explanation. 
I called this blog On the Steps because that’s where it began, on the steps of our closed, locked and gated church as we commited ourselves to reentering and reviving our church and building step by step. As we have moved from a presence on the steps to removing the gates and reentering the church on a daily basis, I decided to focus the blog primarily on what happens on the steps and in and around the church building. I don’t write about major things in the life of the church, meetings held somewhere else, etc., unless there’s anatural way to connect them back. 
In that context, the next few days (weeks?) will be a challenge. Last Friday, I underwent surgery for a massively herniated disc. Despite having been told it would be relatively simple, I wound up in the hospital all weekend and am now homebound for an undetermined recovery period. Won’t be seeing the steps for awhile. So I’ll have to bring some creativity to this venture.
Meanwhile, life goes on. Danielle continues to keep the doors open and the ship afloat, so to speak. Balancing, juggling seven things at once. Or more.  Theatre companies, musicians, construction and building trades people, visitors and our homeless guests. Yesterday she had another encounter with Edward who needs the pin in his broken hand removed. She thought she was hearing an excited Charlotte but it turned out to be another woman with a similar voice.
The story will continue. And so will the  telling. I’ll figure out how to do it. Keep reading. Peace.

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  1. Keep at it Bob. This blog is a good insight into your thinking....helps me understand where you are, which is not otherwise always possible to judge