Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm there for ya

A sunny day.  A quiet day. Danielle and I talking through the week ahead. Boiler number one on the list...
Things look pretty sketchy on the steps.  Cardboard beds. Empty beer bottles and cans.  No good.  Danielle takes some time to do some cleaning.  
Mike the boxer comes in. His faithful dog behind him. He’s still looking for space to hang up a bag, do some training. Maybe a ring. Do something for the kids. And  could we get backboards up in the gym again? He’s got an album of photos to show us. Lots of kids. He'll have to write up a proposal. And I knowHope i dead set against boxing and kids.  And as always he ends with, Anything you guys need, I’m there for ya, ok? I’m there for ya. He talks about keeping people off the steps as he walks out. 
Sara comes down the steps followed by little towheaded kid. She talls us she’s a nanny in addition to her Lupus Dictum work.  She’s been upstairs checking out the projection equipment for  our screenng of Divided We Fall this weekend. It’s looking good to her. We should get the projection equipment working ok.  
Out on the steps Edward has taken up his post too early.  Edward, I’ve told you before you can’t sleep here during the day.
I ain’t asleep, I’m awake. 
Well,awake, asleep, you can’t be here during the day, not surrounded by cardboard and  botttles.  It’s no good. Upsets the neighbors. Me too.
Leave me alone. 
It’s not about givng you a hard time its about respecting the space. There are rules. You can be here but there are rules. It’s about respect.
All right, all right,leave me alone.
Where’s Boxer Mike when I need him? I go back inside, upset. Ask Danielle to call Reachout. I already did, she says. They’re done for the day, cutbacks...
Right, of course, right...
I head out to meet with RL. To plan the memorial festival in honor of the late,lamented P&G cafe. The last concert they never got to have. WindTide Music and the P&G Tribal Council in association with West-Park Presbyterian Church presents:  A celebration of years: A P&G Live Music Festival.

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