Thursday, September 15, 2011

Moving slowly

The Programming  Committee: John, Katherine, Mim, Ted and Danielle are gatheed in the sanctuary to meey with Sarah of Lupus Dictum to sort some things out.  We’re wanting to getthe bnner up outside,get better advertising, more visibility.  In the middle of our conversation, Danielle sees Boxer Mike and his dogs back again. She goes to talk to him then comes back. Feels like the meeting has been productive and we’re on the right path.  
Outside, there are empty bottles and cardboard again. And between the steps and Barney Greengrass, another pile of crap. Well, not on the steps, but still our responsibility, but not today.I can’t do it and I’m not asking Danielle.
At the corner of 87th, I see Deacon Linda. She’s very concerned about me. Says I look thin. Wants to know all about my surgery. I tell her my story and she gives me a big hug. She's never done that before. Shares with me some of her own medical adventure stories. Amazing how many people have medical stories to tell.  I’m going home for a break.
Danielle tells me Edward has been in to talk several times. Project Reachout hasn’t had any success, but he seems to be seeking them out, concerned about his hand. If nothing else works, we can’t help him to a better solution, we may have to call 911 the next time he won’t move. 
I realize I’m moving slowly, improving but slow.  

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