Friday, May 20, 2011

When the doors are open

The sun is out again. On the phone with lawyers and Danielle when Amanda comes in with her five year old daughter Amelia. Deacon James comes in.Hugs all around.  He’s got a touch of pneumonia. I remember the day last summer Amanda and James created this office. Now it is our office. Rochone arrives. Work on the concert. Me on lawyers.
The day they made the office

Danielle takes pictures of the sidewalk for our meeting with the Department of Design and Construction, or the Department of Disaster Control, as Ahmad calls it. Tom comes with us with a stack of photos. Soon Pierre is there too. We negotiate the work to be done. Can’t figure out how to deal with the cost of removing part of the scaffolding so sidewalk beneath can be replaced. We arrive at a plan. I admire Danielle’s toughness. 
Back at the church, we take a close look at the sidewalks.   Best news? I saw a photograph that could potentially change the lawsuit situation. For the better. Could be the key. We’ll see. 
Luis, Lily, others arriving to work on clean out of the session room. What is garbage? What is valuable? What treasure?
Two men come in, one in a clerical collar. They’re from Montreal. One is a Pentecostal preacher. And hearing impaired. Deaf. The other, his friend,  with a sense of humor. They speak French. And sign. Hope, Danielle and I talk with them. About the building. But more the church. 
It’s great to see who comes in when the doors are open.

Westside Spirit story out today.....

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