Friday, May 13, 2011

A two bottle day


Back to the steps, the office, after a long day away. Meeting with Marsha to make Session plans. Long meeting with John around budget and business plan. The Living Wage rally at City Hall. Meeting with two old friends, mentors. Back at the office, Megan from the West Side Spirit has come to talk about the 10A vote. She has not been here since our night on Ritual Space.
Grace is with us one last afternoon.  And in Mc Alpin Hall, Three Graces is already at work. So we go to the theatre for conversation. I explain our Presbyterian way of doing things, a bit novel for someone form a Catholic tradition. Go through the same story I told the DNA reporter yesterday.  Add my embarrassment that the US military was ahead of us on this one. Look, for a Catholic, she says, you guys are way progressive. 

I’m thinking of every daunting  challenge that faces us now. Outside on the steps I notice two empty bottles of  Romanoff vodka. I can relate. I can relate. 

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